Committee: Events

The Events Committee organizes all Reflexology workshops and NYSRA member meetings. It also works in conjunction with the NYSRA Conference Committee planning and executing the biennial NY State Reflexology conference.

NYSRA organizes a fall and spring Reflexology workshop (except the conference year when the conference is the spring workshop). Negotiations for the Presenter Workshops begin approximately 18 months in advance.

The Events Committee Director then works with the NYSRA president and treasurer to finalize details of:

  • Presenter contracts
  • Lodging and travel arrangements
  • Location of the teaching venue(s)
  • Provides President and Treasurer with venue contracts for space rental, amenities and payment information.
  • Special equipment requirements (purchased or rented) provided for the workshop must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to rental contract singing or purchase.
  • Events Committee Director arranges for the procurement of A/V equipment and/or special needs and coordinates with the treasurer to make payment.

The Events Director works with the Newsletter Committee to ensure accurate and timely workshop promotion. This includes securing and/or writing promotional material for the NYSRA newsletter.

The Events Committee Director is responsible for:

  • organizing volunteers to set up workshop space
  • participant sign in
  • snacks for attendees (If not provided by venue, Events Director is reimbursed by NYSRA)
  • Breakdown and clean up at the end

The Events Committee Director works with the president and treasurer to arrange a NYSRA meal of appreciation for the guest presenter.

  • Additional NYSRA seminars may be offered periodically as per members’ interest and requests.
  • These programs are either half-a-day for one day events.

The procedure to offer and organize these seminars is similar to that of the workshops.

The Events Committee also works with the Conference Committee to aid in the organization of the details of the biennial state conference.